(Formerly The Ultimate Supplement – 3rd Evolution)


  1. WHAT IS IT? It is made up of a single Super-Ingredient, which is the ultimate 100% Organic Spirulina on Earth, from the same source as the one in The Ultimate meal… Period. Why? Because Spirulina (an algae) is one of the oldest natural sources of food & dense nutrition on Earth. However, due to rampant pollution worldwide, ours has been grown in strictly controlled ponds, resulting in the first & ultimate superfood, due to the following reasons: It’s the ultimate source of Protein (65%), the ultimate source of Beta-Carotene, one of 2 ultimate sources of Chlorophyll, one of few ultimate sources of essential Omega Fatty Acids, one of the ultimate sources of Anti-Inflammatory agents, one of the ultimate builders of the Immune System, & the ultimate source of B-complex, including human active B12, making it the only one from a plant source. And if all that wasn’t enough, ours is the only Spirulina that holds EVERY necessary certification: Organic, Kosher, Vegan, & USP. This is why it’s the only ingredient that has been in every Evolution of The Ultimate Meal since day 1, & why The Ultimate SuperFood is 1/3 of The Ultimate Life Program.
  2. DOSAGE WHEN TAKEN WITHOUT CONVENTIONAL FOOD: 2 tabs on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, with The Ultimate Miso soup. Also, another 2 tabs before bedtime, but with just enough water to swallow them, to prevent bathroom visits in the middle of the night).
  4. TABLETS: Ours are the ultimate, because they are polished & very small (so they’re easy to swallow), dissolve thoroughly, & free of any additives or excipients.
  5. PACKAGING: They come in large glass bottles or metal cans, filled to the rim, resulting in the ultimate in ecology, economy, & freshness.