1. WHAT IS IT: Miso is the ultimate fermented food with a history that goes back thousands of years. It is rich in protein, vitamins & minerals, the benefits of which are so extensive, it’s been a staple of many Buddhist diets, as well as the Macrobiotic diet. This is why it should be one of the most important daily staples of everyone’s diet…as a soup, & as a savory dressing, condiment, or sauce (the recipes of which can & will be provided), all of which can replace the use of salt & spices that can be hard on the digestive system.
    1. It has been artisanally crafted by the actual family company to such a standard, that they have supplied the royal family in Japan (where miso was invented) for multiple generations.
    2. It’s made of only 5 essential ingredients: Organic Soybeans, Organic Brown Rice, Natural Sea Salt, Pristine Mountain Spring Water, & Koji… Period.
    3. Instead of being ‘aged’ for merely weeks, ours is truly aged by natural fermentation for 2-3 years, in hand-hewn cedar kegs.
    4. Instead of experimental ingredients with questionable results & benefits, ours is a combination of the traditional Organic Soybeans & Brown Rice, which results in a wonderfully mild…yet hearty flavor, that’s slightly ‘sweet’.
    5. Organic certification means without pesticides…as well as non-GMO.
    6. It contains half the sodium of most Miso on the market, because the natural aging prevents the need to add ‘flavor’ by adding too much salt.
    7. It’s not pasteurized, thus, all the nutrients & enzymes are intact…including the naturally occurring probiotics, making it one of the best sources of natural probiotics on Earth.
    8. It’s Gluten-Free & Kosher certified by KOF-K.
  3. SHELF-LIFE: Since Miso never goes bad…(it actually continues to ferment, getting even better with age), it does not need to be refrigerated, & the larger quantity you get, the better Miso you’ll have in the long run.