Until 2013 (for over 25 years) our supplements were: The Ultimate FloraZyme (prebiotics & digestive enzymes), The Ultimate Defense (anti-oxidants), & The Ultimate Blue-Green (spirulina), all 3 of which were created to be taken with every ‘chewable’ meal, to raise that meal’s nutritional benefits as close to The Ultimate Meal as possible. But since they were created years apart & never sold-out at the same time, they were always bottled separately.

In 2012 we decided to combine them into a single SuperSupplement, called The Ultimate Supplement. This is the first & only product of its kind. It’s the ultimate supplement, because: It’s the ultimate enzyme complex, the ultimate prebiotic, the ultimate anti-oxidant complex, & the ultimate superfood combo on Earth, all in one bottle. In other words, it’s ‘The Ultimate Meal’ of supplements, also created by Samuel Gerard.

In 2017, we started work on the 2nd Evolution, which took 15 months to produce… It was much longer than anticipated, but perfection can’t be rushed… And at last, it’s here, & raises the standard even higher than before.

ANTI-OXIDANT: When the body is under stress for any reason (emotional, physical or environmental), it creates free radicals, which human studies have shown to be the primary cause of illness, diseases & aging. Anti-oxidants defend the body against free radicals by neutralizing them.

PRE-BIOTIC: It is an essential carbohydrate that feeds friendly live micro-organisms (bifidus) found in intestinal flora which defends your body by helping boost & maintain your immune system. However, unlike live probiotics (acidophilus, bifidus, etc), Euglena (a PREbiotic) is not ‘live’, thus does not need to be refrigerated, nor taken on an empty stomach. This makes it very convenient & ideal for travel.

ENZYMES: Heat is the worst enemy of fresh, whole food, because along with destroying most of its nourishment, it kills the digestive enzymes essential to absorb the nutrients. That’s why enzymes should be taken with everything that’s been heated, processed, hard to digest, or gas-producing. The Ultimate Supplement contains the ultimate digestive enzymes available anywhere, at any price.

SUPERFOODS: Finally, the inclusion of our 3 superfoods: Organic Spirulina, The Ultimate Organic Broccoli Sprouts & Euglena Algae raise The Ultimate Supplement to such a level, it creates an entirely new category, with it being the only member.

This is the first & only synergistic combination of its kind that can easily replace up to 14 supplements, some of which don’t even exist anywhere else.

PACKAGING: The Ultimate Supplement is encapsulated in PlantCaps, which are filled into amber glass bottles, along with oxygen absorbers, with induction-sealed caps. We do all of the above to preserve freshness at the absolute highest level possible.

NONE: The Ultimate Supplement contains NO: Gelatin, soy, MSG, salt, wheat, corn, yeast, eggs, dairy products, sugar, honey, fructose, caffeine, ginseng, Maltodextrin, artificial preservatives, flavors, coloring, fillers, flowing agents, animal products, or anything from China.


Take 1-2 vegcaps upon awakening with 8-16 oz of purified water.
Take 4 vegcaps with every ‘chewable’ meal.
Take 1-2 vegcaps at bedtime with 2-4 oz of purified water.
You do NOT need to take it with The Ultimate Meal (except for unusual circumstances).
Best kept refrigerated, unless traveling.